Bewood wooden watches - are a synonym of minimalism and elegant style which is compressed into a timeless wooden form. Each of our wood watch is equipped with reliable Japanese Miyota mechanism. Watches made of wood are an excellent gift idea for close friends and relatives. Our offer contains unisex versions of watches as well as female and male versions. There is a little something for everyone.

Wood watches

The direct ancestor of a wristwatch is a pocket watch, whose inventor was Peter Henlein from Nuremberg. Designed in 1510 portable watch was named a Nuremberg egg because of its oval casing shape inside which the mechanism was placed. Pocket watches were extremely popular over a long period of time and an appearance of wrist watches was considered as a temporary trend. Small wrist devices were mainly used by women and were treated as a decorative element. The idea of using those watches by men was considered ridiculous, however, this assumption has been changed. Wrist watches were disseminated among men during World War I. The accurate assessment of time was necessary on the battlefield and using pocket watches turned out to be extremely onerous. Ever since then wristwatches stopped being a typical feminine accessory. As time went by, their shape, looks, the way of wearing, types of movement and display have been changing, however, each such modification influenced their development and made them easier to use. The evolution of technology and production of electric watches did not weaken the position of watches with a mechanical drive. Classic watches are still very common and very often they are valued higher than their technically advanced followers. Bewood watches made of wood are a perfect combination of classic style and original wooden form.