Bewood wooden earrings are perfect accessories to a woman’s wardrobe, which combine intriguing design and timeless beauty of wood. Each of our wooden earrings is the result of a precision and handmade finish. Wooden earrings are a perfect gift idea for all elegant and confident women.

Wood earrings

The recorded history of earring dates back to 4th millennium BC. The image of a threatening army of warriors wearing ornaments in their ears was already depicted on Babylon reliefs. Subsequently, different kinds of ear ornaments were to be found in discoveries and works of art representing civilizations of the Persians, Cretans, Egyptians, the Etruscans and the Celts. Even the Bible contains mentions concerning ear jewellery, also for males. However, the popularity of earrings returned for good during the peak of the Renaissance. Earrings reached the most prominent status in the early 20th century. Europe was entranced with the luxury which came straight from India. Fashion and jewellery designers were captivating women with long and ornately decorated earrings. Afterwards, designs inspired by Ancient history appeared in a modernized form, however. The combination of low-value ores and high-value rocks became in fashion. Today earrings have mainly the aesthetic advantages – we wear them to emphasize the character of an outfit and to express our emotions. We are pleased to introduce to you the line of Bewood wooden earrings.