Bewood wooden cases dedicated to Apple phones. Products of this American hegemon were the first choice for our collection during initial discussions about the brand concept before its establishment. The products of the brand, with its headquarters in Cupertino, accompany us since the beginning – the first case we’ve created was intended for Apple iPhone4. Wood cases dedicated to Apple phones are our best-selling products for many years. Fans of this American brand, who buy such exclusive smartphones, search very carefully for an extraordinary and elegant case. We saw this as a chance to succeed and took advantage of this fact. As it later turned out, that’s what made our wood cases successful. Established in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak giant has been setting trends within the framework of new technologies and perfect designing since many years. Apple’s motto – ‘Think different’ – became an inseparable part of the vision of our development. A few years ago, when we started our journey, we decided to create a unique and unusual at that time product – wooden cases. This became the base of our success on a small, incomparable with Apple’s scale..

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Bewood RedLove Unique  Resin Case  Limited editionBewood RedLove Unique  Resin Case  Limited edition New productsLimited edition 84 pcs

Personalized Wooden Case  Own Engraving  DesignPersonalized Wooden Case  Own Engraving  Design BestSellersSALE -15%

27.40EUR 23.29EUR
Resin Case  Bewood Unique Halloween  VioletResin Case  Bewood Unique Halloween  Violet BestSellersLimited edition 82 pcs


Wooden phone cases for Apple iPhone

Although security and functionality are our priority, Bewood wooden cases are not only a perfect phone protection. Our wood cases are also an elegant accessory and a perfect complement to your outfit. Those clients who seek an exceptional product with eye-catching design and detailed decoration will be certainly satisfied. Bewood wooden cases are excellent accessories for everyday wear as well as events such as business meetings and festive occasions. Elegant and timeless wood, which is logged in Poland as well as in the furthest corners of the world, constitutes the essence of cases and guarantees uniqueness and prestige of our products. All clients who expect more will be certainly delighted to visit our online store.