Bewood wooden business card holder is a perfect product for every business person who pays attention to his/her own style and individuality. Each of our business card holders is made of high-quality wood. Engraving of company’s logo can be placed on card holder at the client’s request. Wood business card holders are an excellent present idea for every confident business person.


The genesis of business card holder dates back to times of great popularity of correspondence cards including name and surname of a person that was invited to a given banquet or event. Cards were popularized by King Louis XIV of France, who introduced their use to etiquette. Soon pieces of paper decorated with drawing or watercolor with written out names in the middle became a significant element of social life. It was that moment that elegant man and ladies faced a very serious problem of where to keep correspondence cards. Putting cards in pockets was not a good idea because they were quickly wearing out. Men used to put them into cigarette cases but later cards were soaked with tobacco smell. At last, nifty Englishmen produced box dedicated solely to correspondence cards. Cards, as well as boxes intended for them, have been changing over the centuries. Today they are smaller and handed in on different occasions – it’s been long since somebody gave a card when paying a visit. The custom of exchanging cards is still practiced in business situations, and card holders, once being a work of art, became a minimalist case and their functionality is more valued than their looks. Bewood wooden business card holders are our tribute to tradition and mean putting individuality and user’s own style first. The best quality wood additionally decorated with the engraved company’s logo on the client’s request, makes it more than an ordinary and common case, doesn’t it?.