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Discover the elegant and functional Bewood monitor stands. Made of wood and steel legs, the stands offer an ergonomic lift for your monitor, saving space on your desk and durability thanks to their high quality workmanship. Their unique design adds to the charm of your desk and the easy assembly means you can quickly enjoy the benefits. Enhance your workspace with Bewood stands.

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Bewood Laptop Holder - Black - Oak

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Bewood Laptop Holder - White - Oak

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Bewood monitor stands: Elegance, Functionality and Exceptional Design for your Desk

Discover the power of natural design and functionality with Bewood monitor stands. Made of high-quality wood and steel legs, our stands are the perfect solution for your desk. Available in two variants - oak or American walnut - Bewood stands not only provide excellent support for your monitor, but also add elegance and natural charm to your workspace.

The Bewood stand offers two different sizes to meet different needs. The shorter 70 cm version will perfectly accommodate one monitor, while the longer 105 cm version is spacious enough to accommodate two monitors at the same time. The stand's load capacity of up to 80 kg ensures that even a large monitor can be placed without problems.

One of the key advantages of the Bewood monitor stands is the ergonomic lifting of the monitor. With the right stand height to ensure you can comfortably look at the screen without excessive bending or straining your neck and back muscles, you can maintain proper posture and prevent discomfort.

Our stands not only improve working comfort, but also save space on your desk. The space between the feet of the coaster can be used to store additional office accessories such as a keyboard, mouse or notes, so you have better organisation and maximum use of the available space.

The unique design of the Bewood wooden coaster is eye-catching and sets it apart from other standard coasters. Thanks to the hand craftsmanship, wood finish and precision workmanship, our monitor stands are not only a practical tool for work, but also a beautiful design element for your desk.

Durability and high quality workmanship are guaranteed thanks to the highest quality wood and careful craftsmanship. The wood is treated with natural oil for long-lasting protection and beauty. The robust construction of the stand means that you can enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

Assembling the Bewood monitor stand is quick and easy, so you can immediately enjoy its benefits without any complications. All the necessary instructions and mounting components are included to make the process easy for you.

All in all, the Bewood monitor stand from the Desk collection is a combination of functionality, beautiful design and durability. With ergonomic monitor lifting, desk space saving, unique design and high quality workmanship, our stands will meet your expectations and add a unique touch to your workplace.

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