About us

Welcome to the world of Bewood

We are a Polish producer of wooden accessories for mobile devices, interior design elements for offices and houses, as well as everyday use items. Our adventure with wood started 4 years ago when we created our first wood case. We’ve come a long way over the past few years. Thanks to our persistence, hard work and wholehearted commitment – we’ve been able to create from scratch a company that succeeded in the Polish phone cases’ market.

Maciej Boczkowski co-founder / Michał Fortuniak co-founder

We were fortunate and honoured to work with the largest national and global companies. Some of our clients include phone producers, mobile network operators, top companies in: electronic, furniture, alcohol markets as well as food service providers. We’ve been perfecting our products by broadening our knowledge in the field of wood processing, ensuring a technical development of assembly line and expanding our team with qualified staff. All together, we create Bewood – a company that was born from a dream, passion and persistence, which made us the largest European producer of wooden cases offering over 2000 wooden products.

Bewood manufactures not only wooden cases, however, success in this field allowed us to develop other projects. Gaining the trust of our customers and increasing our brand awareness are helping us to simultaneously expand on other fields. Our offer includes: monitor/laptop stands, table mats, maps, business card holders, cufflinks, bow ties, earrings, pins, watches, bracelets, notebooks and flasks. There are various products included in our collection and this is just the beginning. We have numerous ideas and goals that will be implemented step by step. We believe that it is possible to surprise our clients many times in the future.

We work with young Polish creators. We are a Polish company and we want to promote native artists. Some of designs that appear on our cases were created by Agnieszka Rogozińska – a clever designer who comes from a small town near Szczecin. Wojtek Rzepka, who is an incredibly talented artist dealing with pyrography, is responsible for limited edition of cases with wood burned designs.

„Bewood is like a family – mutual support, trust and a positive work environment are fundamental qualities for us.” Michał

Our latest project – a premium line of products, collectively named as Bewood Selection – is created in collaboration with the most interesting Polish woodware workshops. This line is the outcome of many months’ search, discussion, test, quality verification and finally joint declaration of intent on cooperation. Companies, which appeared in our selection, guarantee the best quality, Polish production and original design. Each of the companies is in a possession of all proper certificates. The idea to create this collection came up some time ago and now, after long and tedious arrangements we are proud to introduce a phenomenal outcome of our work. Bewood Selection – the best Polish woodware producers in one place! Our selection includes a wide range of products, starting with household appliances and ending up with toys for kids. The Bewood Selection line offer will be extended to include works of another Polish creators over time, after all, there are lots of talented people with their heads full of ideas.