Bewood wooden magnetic map is a special product which enriches every space with a style and visual depth. Maps will harmonize well with cosy accommodation spaces as well as more official interiors such as offices and conference rooms. Wherever they appear, they will definitely catch everyone’s eye and add some chick and elegance to every interior they are hanged in. With our wooden maps, each space will be given its own, special and exceptional style and design.


Wooden elements of our map are 10mm thick. Their actual dimensions are 2000mm (width) x 1180mm (height). To ease the assembly process, we’ve prepared a printed instruction manual on a large format piece of paper, which precisely reflects the position of continents and islands. Our map consists of several dozen separate elements – their assemblage is simplified by a magnetic system which enables to make minor adjustments of particular pieces after their assembling. Additionally, we’ve developed an innovative way of placing magnetic stickers directly in a surface of wood. This beautiful map allows you to mark places that you’ve visited or even to pin photographs which will enable you to preserve your travel memories.

Materials: wood, magnetic assembling elements and magnetic stickers (30 pc.)

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