Bewood – cases made of real wood. Our products are dedicated to people with passion, who are interested in the world and have their own, unique style. Bewood cases are perfect accessories for both everyday wear and festive occasions. Our wood cases ideally accent owner’s personality, providing at the same time reliable security for the owner’s phone. Bewood case is an exceptional combination of functionality, unique design and ecological elegance. All of our products are made of natural wood, which is logged in Poland as well as in the furthest corners of the world. Seasoned, carefully selected wood gives our cases a unique look and inimitable character; its texture, graining and smell impact on the exceptionalism of every product. What is more – each piece of wood is different – that is why it is impossible to find two alike products in our offer.

Are you looking for a case for a specific phone model? These categories can help you:

Bewood RedLove Unique  Resin Case  Limited editionBewood RedLove Unique  Resin Case  Limited edition New productsLimited edition 84 pcs

Personalized Wooden Case  Own Engraving  DesignPersonalized Wooden Case  Own Engraving  Design BestSellersSALE -15%

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Resin Case  Bewood Unique Halloween  VioletResin Case  Bewood Unique Halloween  Violet BestSellersLimited edition 82 pcs

From the very beginning, we wanted our product to be exceptional. The product that was never sold before. We wanted it to be practical and elegant at the same time, indispensable to everybody, eye-catching and captivating with its uniqueness. That is how the idea of Bewood wooden cases was born.

Natural wood guarantees an exceptional look of our products and gives them a unique character. We offer cases in a wide range of colors, patterns and graining. The wood we use is logged in Poland as well as in the furthest corners of the world. Our products are available in a wide range of wood species - anigre, bocote, smoked oak, imbuia, apple tree, Swiss pine, mango, merbau, olive tree, American nut, black walnut, padauk, rosewood, santos rosewood, teak tree or ziricote.

We are the biggest European wood case producer. There are over 2000 products intended for mobile devices in our offer. Our wood cases are designed for phones from brands such: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG and HTC.

Our wood cases’ main purpose is not only to look good but also, and foremost to protect a phone. Carefully designed silicone base guarantees 100% security. We use materials that are light and perfectly fit phone, and, last but not least, they do not make it thicker. Special non-slip layer guarantees a firm grip and safety against sliding. Scrupulously designed slots for charging ports, buttons and other ports, provide easy access and ensure full device functionality.

We produce in Poland and we are proud of it! All of our products are made in our headquarters located in Kampinos Forest buffer zone. We work very hard on the manufacturing of each case starting from the designing stage and ending up with packaging and shipment to our client.  We take full responsibility for our products and we are 100% sure of their quality because the entire complex production process is in our hands.

The production process of our cases is extremely time-consuming and complex. We are particular about every detail during the manufacturing process. Our machines, that cut and chase wood with accuracy up to 0.01 mm, are of the highest quality. A significant part of our production is made by hand which is nowadays less and less common. Polishing, lacquering, and precise wood pasting result from our hard handwork.


Design in case of our products is always a keyword. The cases we manufacture have to combine users’ expectations such as functionality, security, unique style and elegance. That's what our products are all about – it’s timelessness and elegance compressed into a small and functional form. We always keep in mind the environment during the manufacturing process, we are closing the loop by using wood scraps generated during case production process to create for example, business card holders.

Our machines, that cut and chase wood with accuracy up to 0.01 mm, are of the highest quality. That gives us the possibility to create highly detailed patterns. Designs, which appear on our cases, are resulting from our graphics’ work and collaboration with young Polish designers. Currently, there are over 20 unique engravings in our offer. Their theme is very diversified. There is a little something for travelling lovers, musicians, geometry fans, orient admirers and ancient culture experts.

We collaborate with young Polish creators and that’s how unique patterns, designed especially for our brand, are created. Among our associates, there are designers, whose ideas are transmitted on wood, as well as fine artists, who decorate our wood cases with their own hands.


Over many years Bewood as a brand has earned the trust of many significant companies. Our flexibility, diligence, timeliness of deliveries and individual approach to each client resulted in numerous collaborations. Our B2B offer allows customizing the case from the bottom-up – starting from choosing a phone’s model, through picking a wood type, ending with selecting a design. So far, we have been trusted by such companies as Samsung, Huawei, iSpot, McDonald’s, T-Mobile and Jack Daniel’s.

The most important features:
- 100% of protection;
- Made from natural wood;
- Light and thin; does not thicken your mobile;
- Fits perfectly to your mobile;
- Anti-skidding layer guarantees steady hold;
- Easy access to charging socket, keys and interfaces;
- Perfectly designed stamping for keys;
- Handmade;
- Polishing, lacquering, and precise wood pasting is the effect of our hard handwork;
- Precision;
- Compatible with procetive glass;
- Style and elegance;
- Perfect fusion of functionality and modern design.