Bewood wooden bracelets are intriguing ornaments for both everyday wear as well as more formal occasions. Our offer includes a wide range of wood bracelets: in our permanent offer, there are several dozen unique patterns produced from two types of wood, with tied element made of two materials available in four colours. All of our wooden bracelets are manufactured in our headquarters located in Kampinos Forest buffer zone. Bracelets made of wood are a perfect complement to outfit and an excellent idea for a present.

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Wood Bracelet

Bracelet is a circular ornament worn on a wrist, being one of personal jewellery elements. Bracelets are made of leather, fabric, metal or even glass. Bracelets can be decorated with elements made of wood, rock and seashells.
Bracelets just as armills and bangles, although more delicate, were worn in ancient times and by various cultures, some examples are mentioned below. In ancient Syrian sanctuary dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, monks distributed white threads to pilgrims who tied them around their wrist. Among the Azabache culture – Andean Indians from Argentina – bracelets were used as amulets that were to protect against evil eye. In some regions of India, married women wear bracelets called kangan in the Hindi language.