Bewood wooden cufflinks are a tribute to a classic style. Each of our wooden bow ties has a handmade finish and is manufactured from high-quality wood logged in the furthest corners of the world. Cufflinks made of wood are a perfect gift for every modern man who appreciates elegant and classic style.

Wood cufflinks

Shirt sleeves started to stick out of loose clothing as early as in the 16th century. At first, sleeves were small, but later they became more and more decorated and full. Cuffs received two tied with a band holes so they didn’t hinder everyday activities and get dirty. Bands originated the most basic cufflink: not very long, but colourful and silky string, whose ends were tied in small knots. Cufflinks gained their proper shape in the late 18th century. The practical solution was not the most important thing, what also mattered was the possibility of presenting wealthiness – gemstone studded buttons, made of noble metals, were more and more common. In 1970 ordinary buttons replaced cufflinks, which were forgotten until the 1990s. After 20 years however, many people started to treat cufflinks as jewellery and a symbol of elegant style again. Nowadays extraordinary cufflinks uncertainly are coming back into fashion. They are worn by people who have high-profile positions and those who’d like to accent their own style with this elegant accessory. Bewood wooden cufflinks are our own way to reintroduce the classic style and to appreciate timeless elegance combined with natural wood beauty.

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