Bewood wooden cases dedicated to Samsung phones. Cases for Galaxy™ series mobiles are manufactured by us since the beginning. Samsung Galaxy S3 was the first phone model of South Korean tycoon that we were pleased to produce. Over the years, Samsung phones have been evolving greatly, so have our cases. Currently, cases dedicated to phones of the producer from Seoul have outnumbered cases intended for any other mobile phone brand. Samsung is a giant, a company with big traditions dating back to 1938. The brand wants to inspire the world with its innovative technologies, products and designing, which enrich people’s lives and create a new future. We believe that the design of our wood cases is also exceptional, and apart from their extraordinary look, they also guarantee functionality and absolute security of Galaxy™ series mobiles.

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Wooden cases for Samsung Galaxy

The main element and a benchmark for our cases’ success is wood. A few years ago, when we were seeking idea and inspiration for our business, we considered two aspects – we wanted our product to be different than others, unusual, elegant and to be distinguished by its fine design. Wood turned out to be the answer to all our assumptions. This material guarantees natural beauty and uniqueness because as we know, every block of wood is different and it is impossible to find two alike elements. Unique texture, rich graining and scent of wood – these characteristics guarantee that the manufactured product will be exquisite and extraordinary. Therefore, we use only natural and colourless varnish to impregnate our wood cases. We want the beauty of wood to be clearly visible on our products. The wood we use is logged in Poland as well as in the furthest corners of the world. Thanks to our years-long search and acquired experience, it was possible to create a highly enhanced collection of cases in a wide range of colors, patterns and graining. This material, in fact, makes our products so special.

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