Terms & Conditions

§ 1.General provisions
These Terms and Conditions define the rules of sale and functioning of the online shop www.bewood.pl.
The Shop is operated and administrated by a Seller: Bewood Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership with the registered office in Wólka ul. Parkowa 90, 05-083 Wólka, KRS 0000703302 (National Court Register. ID. no.) NIP (tax ID number) PL 1182157971.
You can contact us via the e-mail: info[@]bewood.pl or you can write a traditional mail at the address given above.
In these Terms and Conditions capitalized terms mean as follows:

Shop – means an online shop www.bewood.pl where goods within its offer are sold;

Website – the website www.bewood.pl that conducts the sale of goods;

User – every person that visits the Website;

Seller – Bewood Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership with the registered office in Wólka ul. Parkowa 90, 05-083 Wólka, KRS 0000703302 (National Court Register. ID. no.) NIP (tax ID number) PL 1182157971.

Purchaser – the entity purchasing Items in the Shop according to these Terms and Conditions;

Purchaser’s Account–containing individual name (login – email address) and password, data files in the Seller’s  teleinformatic system, where Buyer’s data, such as information about Orders, are stored; named on the Website www.bewood.com My Account;

Consumer – a person in the meaning of regulations in Article 221 of the Civil Code;

Items– any movable goods available in the Shop, being the subject matter of the Contract between the Purchaser and the Seller;

Order – a declaration of the Purchaser’s intent, which constitutes the offer of signing the Item sale agreement, with the Seller.

Contract - the sale agreement of the Item concluded between the Purchaser and the Seller through the Shop;

Registration Form – a Form available on the Website www.bewood.pl that enables to create the Purchaser’s Account;

Order Form – a form available on the Website that enables to order an Item;

Photographs and other materials that are posted on the Website are owned by the Shop or other legal entity, or natural legal person, in the agreement with the Shop, and are under legal protection, especially under the regulations of copyright law and the Law on Combating Unfair Competition. Copying, reproduction and use of images, except so-called fair use under the regulations of copyright law, requires prior consent of the Shop.
§ 2. The object of the Shop's activity
The retail sales and wholesale of wooden accessories, especially for mobile phones and tablets, are conducted through the Shop.
§ 3. Order process
Information given on the Shop’s websites, including the information about the presented Items, especially their description, technical parameters, performance characteristics and prices, constitute an invitation to conclude a Contract, in the meaning of regulations in Article 71 of the Civil Code. The Contract is concluded at the moment of Purchaser’s Order acceptance.
Please note that the on-screen display of Items may differ slightly from the actual appearance. Photographs on the website constitute a demonstrative material.
All Items that are offered in the Shop are brand-new and original.
The Purchaser can Order an Item only after reading these Terms and Conditions and accepting their regulations during the Order process. Through the Order, the Purchaser confirms reading these Terms and Conditions and agrees on concluding a  Contract with the Seller on given conditions.
The Purchaser does not have to be registered in the Shop in order to purchase an Item. The Purchaser can use the option that enables to save their data in the system to make another order process easier. For this purpose, the Purchaser shall give login and password, which are necessary to get the access to their account. Purchaser’s login constitutes their email address. The password is a string of characters set by the Purchaser. Purchaser’s password is not known by the Seller and the Purchaser is obligated to keep it secret and protect it from unqualified access to third parties.
To Order an Item, the Purchaser fills in the Order Form, where they give the following data:
Name Last Name/Delivery address/email address/Phone number
In the case of online payment the Purchaser gives data that are necessary to process the payment.
The Purchaser is obligated to keep their password and other given date secret and confidential.
A response message sent from the Shop email address at the Purchaser’s email constitutes the confirmation of the Purchaser’s effective Order. The response message confirms an Order acceptance.
Without prior consent of the Shop, changes and cancellations of the Order, within purchased Items after choosing the option ‘Order Now’ in the Order form, are not possible. Introduction of changes is possible after contacting the Shop via the email address: info[@]bewood.pl.
Order fulfillment (Item shipping) starts immediately:
After the crediting of the account (number  given in the Order acceptance) with the full payment in case of deposit payment method;
After the crediting of the Shop’s account via PayPal with the full payment in case of online payment
After ordering in case of choosing the method ‘cash on delivery’
In every case, the Order fulfillment (Item shipping) starts immediately after the crediting of the account with the full payment arising from the Order, that is the price for ordered Items and the cost of shipping accordingly to the chosen option.
§ 4.Payment and delivery
All prices are quoted in Euro (EUR), Dollars (USD) and Polish currency (PLN) and are inclusive of Value-Added Tax (VAT).
The Shop accepts the following methods of payment:
cash on delivery
deposit payment method – recipient information:

Bank: mBank S.A.
Name of the company: Bewood Boczkowski Fortuniak Sp. J.
Address: Ul. Parkowa 90, Wólka 05-083
National account: 11 1140 2004 0000 3202 7730 1436
IBAN: PL11 1140 2004 0000 3202 7730 1436
online payments – PayPal, Przelewy24
Payment Agent of PayPro SA  is a pay card operator,  ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court of Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under the number KRS 0000347935,NIP 7792369887, Regon 301345068.
Purchased Item is shipped within 3 days.
The Purchaser shall be informed immediately when the part of the Order or all Items, within the Order, are non-available. In case of the partial non-availability of Items, the Purchaser shall decide whether the Order shall be partially finalized or entirely cancelled. In case of crediting of the account, the Shop shall return immediately the entire payment for the cancelled Order to the Purchaser.
The Order, for which the account was not credited within 5 days counting from the confirmation of the Order, shall be automatically cancelled. The Seller shall not be liable for the non – performance of the ordering process in such a case. 
The shipment with the Item shall be sent in accordance with the §3 subsection 9 above. The Shop shall ship the Item immediately (usually 3 working days). The definite date of delivery is linked to the delivery method chosen by the Purchaser.
The Purchaser shall be burdened with the cost of the delivery (shipping) in accordance with the chosen method during the Ordering. The shipment is served by the courier company Siódemka and Polish Post. Detailed information concerning the cost of the shipment, in accordance with the chosen method, can be found on the Website.
The Shop shall issue an invoice or a receipt for every sold item (in accordance with the data given by the Purchaser).
The Seller, having previously notified the Purchaser, reserves the right to withdrawal from the Contract, when the available Item was already purchased by the Purchaser, however, due to reasons beyond the control of the Seller, at the moment of purchasing the Item is unavailable. In such a case the Shop shall return the entire payment to the Purchaser.
The Seller shall not be responsible for non-delivery of the Item or delay in deliver caused by incorrectly or incompletely given address, and the force majeure circumstances.
The Shop shall service Orders outside Poland. In such a case, the Purchaser shall be responsible for meeting the freight, duty and other costs connected with the Item delivery outside Poland.
If the ordered Items will not be collected, in case of cash on delivery method of payment, the Purchaser shall be responsible for meeting the Item delivery and return to the sender costs. The order at the same time shall be cancelled. If the ordered Items will not be collected,  in case of method of payment other than cash on delivery, the Purchaser shall be responsible for meeting the Item redelivery costs. In case the Order is unclaimed once again, it shall be cancelled, with the retention of Shop’s right to charge the Purchaser for shipment costs.
Before collecting the package from the courier or post, it shall be examined whether it has not been damaged in transit. The condition of tapes or seals applied on the package shall be examined in particular. In case the package at the moment of collecting is damaged, or when tapes or seals are broken, it shall not be accepted. Furthermore, in the presence of courier the collector of the package shall make a protocol with a description of the damage and the documentation shall be signed by the courier. Moreover,  the Seller shall be notified about this occurrence as soon as possible for clarification. The absence of any affirmative showing of irregularity, in respect of quantitative or qualitative condition of the package, shall have negative impact on examination of the Purchaser claims in reference to damages or robbery of the package in transit.
§ 5.Right to withdraw from the Contract
1. The Purchaser, as a Consumer, has a right to withdraw from the Contract, making a statement in writing, within 14 days without providing any reasons (legal basis: the Act on consumer rights the 30th of May 2014). In order to preserve this date limit, the Purchaser has to send the declaration prior to the lapse of 14 days (template of declaration) via email at: info[@]bewood.pl or traditional mail at the Shop’s address: 
Wólka ul. Parkowa 90, 05-¬083 
2. The Item, shall be accepted only when sent fully complete, not damaged and in good condition without evidence of having been used for purposes other than verification of the Item.  
3. In case the Purchaser exercises the right to withdraw from the Contract, they are obliged to cover the cost of sending returned Item at the address of the Shop’s headquarters.
4. The Purchaser shall have a duty to return the Item to the Seller not later than 14 days counting from the day of withdrawal from the Contract. In order to preserve this date limit, the Purchaser shall send the declaration prior to the lapse of its expiration.
5. The Purchaser shall be liable for any diminished value of the Item resulting from handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Items.
6. The package shall contain written declaration of cancellation and bank account number on which the Shop shall return the payment. Returned Item shall be packed in a manner that precludes its damage in transit.
7. Within 2 working days, counting from the day of delivery of the package with Items and written declaration of cancellation, the Shop shall examine the Item. If the Item meets the criteria of clearance enumerated in point 3 of the present article, the Seller within 14 days, shall return costs covered by the Purchaser, including costs of shipping. The payment shall be returned in the same form as it was obtained, unless the Purchaser agreed to different method of payment return. If the Purchaser chose the method of delivery other than the cheapest, usual one offered by the Seller, the Seller is not obliged to return additional costs to the Purchaser. 
§ 6. Complaints 
The Purchaser can exercise the rights vested in the warranty claims form the Seller. 
The Seller is legally obliged to provide non-faulty Item. If the Item is faulty, the Purchaser shall have the right to lodge a complaint within 2 (two) years as of the date of
Item delivery and 1 (one) year as of the date the fault was discovered. In accordance with regulations in a Civil Code, the Purchaser can demand repair of the defect, delivery of a new Item, price markdown by the Seller or withdrawal from the Contract.
Complaints concerning ordered Items shall be lodged via contact form – www.bewood.pl/kontakt.
A complaint notification form shall include the following data: first name, last name of the Purchaser, address, Order number (#number), date of transaction, the Item and cause of compliant, contact data and expected method of completing obligations of the Shop.
The Seller is not liable for damages caused by the ordinary wear and tear of the Product, its parts or material the Item is made of.
Complaint lodged by the Purchaser shall be considered within 14 days counting from the date of notification.
The Purchaser shall be informed about the decision concerning lodged complaint, in the same manner by which the compliant was sent. 
The costs covered by the Purchaser connected with the return of the Item, shall be returned by the Seller, after examining the compliant, within 14 days on the bank account number given by the Purchaser.
In case of complaint being invalid, especially in case of reported defects, that were caused by fault of the user, all costs shall be covered by the Purchaser. 
§ 7. Privacy Policy
By ordering in the Shop, the Purchaser consents to their personal data to be stored in the bewood database and to it being processed for the purpose of executing the Contract. The Purchaser provides personal data voluntarily, however, without the consent to process personal data, it is impossible to complete the order. The Purchaser shall be liable for providing false personal data.
The personal data is protected in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 101, Item 926, as amended) in such a way that prevents access of third parties.
Every Purchaser that registers in the Shop agrees on receiving information containing the process of transaction and commercial and marketing messages (about new products, sales, and others) at given email address. 
In case the Purchaser gives additional consent for personal data to be processed, the data shall be used to inform the Purchaser about new products, sales and services available in the Shop.
The Purchaser has the right to access his personal data at all times and the right to modify or demand deleting it.
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Cookies are used for the following purposes:
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§ 8. Final provisions
 In all matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, relevant provisions of the Polish law shall be applied, in particular the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws 2014, item. 827) and amendments to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 2002, No. 141, item 1176, as amended.), of the Act of 23 April 1964 – the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 1964, No. 16, item 93, as amended.)
Any disputes resulting from the use of these Terms and Conditions and in connection with the execution of concluded Contract arising between the Purchaser and bewood, shall be subjected to the courts of general accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure of 17 November 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 43, Item 296, as amended).
The Seller reserves the right to amend, modify or change any of these Terms and Conditions with the reservation that to the Contracts concluded before the modification of these Terms and Conditions, shall be applied the version of the Terms and Conditions in the force at the moment of ordering by the Purchaser.
These Terms and Conditions are applicable from 03 May 2018.