Bewood wooden bow ties are perfect accessories to a modern man’s wardrobe. Each of our wooden bow ties has a handmade finish with great attention to detail. Wooden bow ties enrich every outfit with style and originality -  they are a perfect complement to everyday wear, festive occasions and special celebrations.


The history of a bow tie starts with the beginning of the Victorian era. That was when men buttoned their coats up to the neck, therefore, the possibility of wearing a bigger tie was limited and putting it on was time-consuming. The first male bow ties were commonly used in the 17th century. They were an element of everyday wear and didn’t hold such status as they do today. Bow ties were not associated with an elegant style, they were worn for a practical reason – they maintained the proper shape of the shirt. Over the years, the popularity of bow ties increased and their size decreased. As time went by they were more and more associated with the formal style. In the late 19th century, two types of bow ties were developed – with sharp ends and with straight edges. The first version gained more popularity than the latter. Since 1870 their form has remained the same, but slight modifications were introduced. In the 21st century male bow ties appeared in a less formal version. People started to experiment with materials used to manufacture bow ties – there were bow ties made from metal, wood and precious stones. Bewood wooden bow ties represent a classic style in a less conservative version.