Bewood wooden tie clips are our tribute to classic male fashion and its tradition. Each of our wooden tie slides is made of high-quality, seasoned wood. Pins are made of two wood types: padauk and American nut. Wooden tie slide is a universal accessory complementing a formal male outfit.

Wood tie clips

The first appearance of tie clips dates back to 1920s. They were used as an alternative to tie pins, which frayed the material, and were available in two versions: short (tie clip), whose length equaled to the width of a classic tie, and long (tie bar). Slides immediately became an elegant and functional way to keep tie close to the body. House crests and other signs were frequently placed on tie slides. It was the time when tie slide was a central point of male outfit. It was both a functional and elegant element of clothing. Ever since then, tie slide became an important element of a formal outfit and remains a symbol of traditional elegance until today..