Wooden Bracelet Bike Anigre StoneWooden Bracelet Bike Anigre StoneWooden Bracelet Bike Anigre Stone
Wooden Bracelet Bike Anigre Stone
Wooden Bracelet Bike Anigre Stone
Wooden Bracelet Bike Anigre Stone
Bewood wooden bracelets are exceptional products which enrich every outfit with style and originality. We are proud to present our extraordinary wooden bracelets. All available patterns are made of specially selected elements manufactured from Anigre. This unique, stylish product was enriched with the tying element, made of high-quality cotton string, and oval-shaped rocks made from volcanic lava. Each of our wooden bracelets was impregnated with colourless natural oil.
Exceptional design and pleasing, wooden colouring make that our bracelets go well with various outfits and complement even the most sophisticated clothing. Thanks to our bracelets every outfit becomes extraordinary and embellished. They are perfect accessories for everyday wear, festive occasions and special celebrations. more...
Made to order, ships in 2-5 business days.Made to order, ships in 1-3 business days.
Wooden Bracelet. Stone.
Bewood wooden bracelets are exceptional products which enrich every outfit with style and originality. We produce in Poland and we are proud of it! All of our products are made in our headquarters located in Kampinos Forest buffer zone. We work very hard on the manufacturing of each case starting from the designing stage and ending up with packaging and shipment to our client.  We take full responsibility for our products and we are 100% sure of their quality because the entire complex production process is in our hands.
drewniana bransoletka bewood
Anigre wood.
Anigre is an African hardwood commonly used for plywood, interior furniture, cabinetry, and high-end millwork applications. In addition to being afavorite for cabinet shops worldwide,it is excellent for high end jewelry boxes, musical instruments,tables andother fine articles. In board form it is used for boat building. Anigre is often found in tropical East and West Africa, primarily in Cameroon but also in Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zaire. Aniegre is considered a tropical hardwood with a clear, cylindrical bole to 80 feet (24 m). It can grow to heights of 180 feet (55 m) with typical trunk diameters ranging from 36 to 48 inches (910 to 1,220 mm). Anigre has a medium texture with closed pores similar to maple. Growth rings aren’t always well-defined, and the wood can be rather plain-looking; though certain figure is occasionally present, such as curly or mottled grain. The heartwood is a light yellowish-brown, sometimes with a pinkish hue. Color tends to darken with age. The quarter figured veneer has become a popular choice for furniture, cabinetry, and decorative architectural applications. It is said to have a faint odor similar to Cedar.
Volcanic rocks.
Volcanic rocks – are derivatives of magmatic rocks, which are created thanks to the volcanism phenomenon, in the course of which magma solidifies in the form of lava under or on Earth’s surface. The composition of each is different because solidifying lava releases water to the atmosphere therefore, minerals with such compounds will not be created inside it. Volcanic rocks may be created directly from lava (extrusive igneous rocks) or formed by volcanic explosion or aerial expulsion (pyroclastic rock). Even the most minute particles of pyroclastic rock may circulate in the atmosphere for many years and then fall on Earth, most frequently in a solid state. Pyroclastic rocks include volcanic rocks, pumice, volcanic ashes and tuffs.

drewniana bransoletka bewood

We put a lot of effort into the production of our bracelets. We produce it from carefully extracted timber, harvested not only in Poland, but also in the furthest corners of the world.


Wooden element – Merbau wood

Tied element: cotton string + volcanic rock

Bracelet diameter: regulated in range 15cm-25cm
*additionally, it is possible to remove rocks by oneself

Rocks diameter: 8mm

Finish: naturaly oil

Water resistance: splash proof

Warranty: 24 months
The process of production of every bracelet is extremely complex and time consuming. We pay special attention to every, even the smallest aspect of manufacturing. We use the highest quality machines that cut and chase wood with accuracy to 0,01 mm. Significant part of our production is made by hand which is nowadays less and less common. Polishing, lacquering, and precise wood pasting is the effect of our hard handwork. We put our hearts into every wooden bracelet.