Bewood Unique case - a combination of wood and resin.
As you probably know, wood itself as a material is exceptional and unique. Nature has already made sure that no piece of wood is the same. The multitude of factors determining the final colour, structure or grain of the wood is practically impossible to envisage. All this already makes our wooden cases unique and it is impossible to find two identical pieces of wood.
When we add a resin to the unique wood to fill each crack and give it a colour by skillfully selecting and mixing the dyes, we get a product that is doubly unique. Just as we will not find two identical pieces of wood, so the resin, along with the whole complicated manufacturing process, the choice of proportions of dyes and finally the vision of the man who will give it its final shape and colour, is a material which cannot be produced in series.
And that is why our latest product is called Unique more...
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Series sales have started!
Each series is only a few dozen pieces, when they sell out, you will not buy the same.

Delivery time from 2 to 5 business days.
Key features.

• 100% protection;
• Made of natural wood and resin;
• Compatible with inductive chargers (QI technology);
• It does not interfere with the signal of contactless payments;
• Lightweight, does not make the phone thicker;
• Perfectly fitted to the shape of the phone;
• Anti-slip layer to guarantee a secure grip;
• Easy access to the charging port, keys and ports;
• Carefully designed button embossing;
• Compatible with front protective glass;
• Manual woodworking and finishing;
• Manufacturing precision;
We give a second life to old, damaged, unnecessary, knotty pieces of wood;
• Hand mixing and coloring the resin

Bewood Unique Case - Halloween.
Wood & Resin.

One of a kind.

Now a little about the actual process of manufacturing our new cases. To create a case that is a combination of resin and wood, we need to acquire and properly craft pieces of wood. These can be the unique cholla cactus - found primarily in Texas - or the beautiful wood of the poplar tree with the structure of a chevet, or the visually stunning Indonesian suar wood. In fact, it can be any wood that will go well with resin. In this case, we are limited only by our imagination and sourcing capabilities, and we import wood for you from all over the world.
zegarki drewniane
Each series is only a dozen pieces. This guarantees the complete uniqueness of the product.
zegarki drewniane
Discarded, unnecessary pieces of wood - we give them a second life.

Suitably prepared wooden elements are then flooded with resin, the unique color of which is obtained using properly selected dyes. From this combination we produce small blocks from which we then cut thin elements intended for the case. And it is at this point that the uniqueness of the design and the principle of the "law of series" becomes apparent.

We can produce from several to a dozen cases in one series, which we will inform you about with a special counter. Also, if a particular color combination of wood and resin appeals to you, do not delay in purchasing. Hurry, because after buying out the series, it will no longer be possible to purchase cases with identical wood layout and resin colors. In this case, speed and determination will count.
Unique - after the dictionary of the Polish language, it is an object: exceptional, special, rare, one of a kind, unusual, extraordinary, unique. This is exactly what our new cases from the Unique series are - nothing to add, nothing to take away.

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