Personalized wooden case with the possibility of engraving a company logo or other simple graphics.
By default, engravers will be placed centrally - as You can see in the visualization. If you want to add an engraving elsewhere, please include the relevant information in the commentary when You placing the order.

The graphic file with the logo should be sent, immediately after making the purchase, to the following address:

Additional options:
Series sales have started!
Each series is only a few dozen pieces, when they sell out, you will not buy the same.

Delivery time from 2 to 5 business days.
Design your case. Wooden.

Choose from 6 types of wood.
Choose your phone model.
Place and pay for your order. (When ordering, please tell us the details of the engraving and placement)
Prepare the artwork.
Send it to, enter the order number in the subject line.
Give us some time to prepare your case.
Collect the package and enjoy the amazing product.
drewniana ładowarka
How to prepare a graphic?

Our machines are extremely precise - but we achieve the best results with less complicated projects. Remember! We do not print, we engrave patterns. Therefore, graphics containing colors will not be reflected in wood.

Prepare the graphics - preferably in 2 colors - where black is the engraving and white - wood remains.

We accept vector files - .AI .CDR but also good quality .JPG, .PNG, .EPS, .PDF

Choose your wood.

The creation of each of our wooden cabinets is accompanied by a complex and time-consuming production process. We attach great importance to every, even the smallest aspect of our case. For cutting and engraving wood, we use the highest class machines that allow us to do it with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. A significant part of the production is done by hand, which is slowly unheard of nowadays. Sanding, varnishing, polishing and precise wood gluing are the result of hard work of our hands. We give our hearts to each of our wooden cases.

drewniana ładowarka bewood

We produce in Poland and we are proud of it! All wooden cases are made at our headquarters located near Warsaw. We work hard to create each wooden case from the design stage to packaging and shipping to the customer. We take full responsibility for our goods and we are 100% sure of them, because the entire complex production process is in our hands.

The most important features:
100% protection;
Made of natural wood;
Light, does not thicken the phone;
Perfectly suited to the shape of the phone;
Non-slip layer guaranteeing a firm grip;
Easy access to the charging socket, keys and ports;
Carefully designed embossing on buttons;
Manual woodworking and finishing;
Precision of workmanship;
Compatible with protective glass;
Style and elegance;
The perfect combination of functionality with perfect design;
Compatible with inductive chargers.

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