Bewood wooden cases intended for Huawei phones. Wood cases for phones of this producer are our invariable bestsellers. Products designed exclusively for smartphones of Chinese brand appeared in our offer quite recently and immediately attracted clients’ attention. It’s not surprising – producer form Shenzhen is currently one of the most popular brands in Poland, and phones from P and Mate series are absolute sales hits. Huawei combines in a balanced way best value for money. It is the world’s third largest smartphone producer. The brand’s goal is to deliver the latest technological solutions to more and more people all over the world. Their slogan – ‘Don’t waste your time. Make your dreams come true’ –  became an inseparable part of our philosophy. It is essential to provide your advanced smartphone with high-quality case in order to make your dreams come true, right??

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Wooden cases for Huawei

Our cases come in two options raw and natural wood as well as wood decorated with unique, extremely precise engravings. Our machines, that cut and chase wood with accuracy up to 0.01 mm, are of the highest quality. Each design is a unique project resulting from our graphics’ work or a collaboration with young Polish designers. Currently, there are over several dozen unique engravings in our offer and their theme is very diversified, therefore there is a little something for every client. We are aware that there is a countless number of extraordinary engravings so our list of designs is never finished as we still seek new inspirations and popular references. We believe that it is possible to surprise our clients each time with a new design of our wood cases. It is also possible to customize your own wood case.