Bewood wooden cases dedicated to HTC phones. We have started to produce the cases for smartphones of this Taiwanese tycoon during our second year in business. By offering best value for money, HTC became a very popular brand in the Polish market. That is why a significant part of our sales constitutes cases intended for HTC phones. We are pleased to present to our clients wood cases dedicated to subsequent versions of flagship phones launched by the company with its headquarters in Taipei. HTC as a brand has always put innovation first, it is important to remember that HTC was the first company to create phones based on a very popular today Android system. We believe that our wood cases are a perfect complement to the flagship phones of this brand. The most advanced smartphone embellished with an elegant wood case – sounds great, right?

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Wooden cases for HTC

When we created our company, we knew that we want to produce unique and never seen before products. We wanted to create a product that was never sold before. We decided on wood cases and as it turned out later it was a very good choice. Right from the very beginning, we introduced new standards, because wood cases available on Polish market at that time varied in two respects: they were not produced in Poland and they were not good enough in terms of quality. We pay great attention to the material of which our wood cases are made. Components required to the production of our wood cases are brought in from USA and Scandinavia. Natural wood, which we use, is imported from the furthest corners of the world and in collaboration with verified suppliers. For many years we have acquired knowledge and experience necessary to manufacture top-quality products, which are at the same time visually attractive. We believe that Bewood wooden cases are products of the highest quality.