Wooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MMWooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MMWooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MM
Wooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MM
Wooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MM
Wooden cufflinks 04 SQUARE OAK 18MM
Extraordinary Bewood cufflinks are extremely practical and elegant accessories. Manufactured in Poland from specially selected wood and stainless steel. Perfect accessories for both everyday wear and festive occasions. Bewood cufflinks are a perfect present for every elegant man. Cufflinks are an ideal way to complement each outfit with a unique and original style. more...
Made to order, ships in 2-5 business days.Made to order, ships in 1-3 business days.
Wooden cufflinks.
Bewood wooden cufflinks are exceptional products which enrich every outfit with style and originality. We produce in Poland and we are proud of it! All of our products are made in our headquarters located in Kampinos Forest buffer zone. We work very hard on the manufacturing of each cufflinks starting from the designing stage and ending up with packaging and shipment to our client. We take full responsibility for our products and we are 100% sure of their quality because the entire complex production process is in our hands.

We put a lot of effort into the production of our cufflinks. We produce it from carefully extracted timber, harvested not only in Poland, but also in the furthest corners of the world.

The process of production of every cufflinks is extremely complex and time consuming. We pay special attention to every, even the smallest aspect of manufacturing. We use the highest quality machines that cut and chase wood with accuracy to 0,01 mm. Significant part of our production is made by hand which is nowadays less and less common. Polishing, lacquering, and precise wood pasting is the effect of our hard handwork. We put our hearts into every wooden cufflinks.