Clip Hexagon Concrete OrganizerClip Hexagon Concrete OrganizerClip Hexagon Concrete OrganizerClip Hexagon Concrete Organizer
Clip Hexagon Concrete Organizer
Clip Hexagon Concrete Organizer
Clip Hexagon Concrete Organizer
Clip Hexagon Concrete Organizer
The Bewood concrete organizer is a unique product that is synonymous with quality and elegance in every form. We proudly present our unique concrete organizers. We made them from a specially selected concrete mix. This unusual and minimalist product is a perfect combination of the raw beauty of architectural concrete with the simplicity and functionality of a stylish piece of office equipment.

- The organizer is perfect as a container for office accessories: paper clips, staples, adhesive tapes, etc.
- With the help of our organizers you can organize small office utensils.
- The organizer has 1 compartment.
- Hexagon shape - Hexagon - allows for any combination with other models of the same shape. more...
Promotional price:8,41EUR 7,99EUR
Made to order, ships in 2-5 business days.Made to order, ships in 1-3 business days.
Concrete organizers. Geometric.
Each of our concrete organizers is prepared by hand. Bewood organizers are a unique combination of quality and minimalist design. All our concrete products are kept in the strict style of architectural concrete, which is characterized by discoloration, smudging and slight color discrepancies - which makes it unique and unique. The rawness of the material used in conjunction with the geometric shapes of our products results in functional and visually effective items.

Weight: 0,20 kg
Dimensions: height 2cm / width 10cm / diagonal approx. 11.5 cm / the side of the hexagon is approx. 6 cm

Each of our organizers is different and unique

Made of gray high-quality architectural concrete

Concrete mix prepared by hands
The time of the mixture hardening process: 36-46 h
Manual surface finishing with sanding sponges
Each product is unique in terms of texture and shade
Base: ground, non-scratching furniture (cork pads)

The price does not include the props (pens, paper clips, blocks, business cards etc.) visible in the photos

As it is concrete, there may be slight differences in the given dimensions and appearance (porosity).

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